Five Steps to Identifying Dynamics GP Tables from Window Fields for SSRS Reports

Check out Shane’s description of how to identify a specific table and field in Dynamics GP:

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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012

What a week! Another great conference with a ton of amazing new products. Chan and I also had an opportunity to film a short, fun video for the Microsoft-HP Coffee Coaching sessions: “A virtual space which allows you to have a sip of coffee and a byte of technology.”

Hope you like it!

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Vendors #4 & #5: Mekorma & SalesPad

My interviews with both Mekorma & SalesPad were great…but unfortunately, you’ll have to take my word for it. Both booths were so popular, I couldn’t get good enough audio to post the conversations. But check out their websites and webinars (especially the new SalesPad 4.1)—you won’t be disappointed. I’ll leave you with a glimpse of Mekorma’s saloon-style get-ups and my woeful carnival game skills.

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Vendor #3: Binary Stream

The guys at Binary Stream did a great job of answering a few questions and giving me a brief, but fairly comprehensive overview of what they offer. If you still need more, stop by their blog—they update it frequently. They also roll out quality webinars almost twice a month.

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Vendor #2: 5280 Solutions

5280 Solutions has developed some exceptional automated solutions for GP. Don’t believe me? Watch the video. And check out one of their upcoming webinars on Dynamic Payables, their AP automation system.


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Five of My Favorite Vendors at Convergence 2012

I decided to take a few short videos of some of my favorite vendors at Convergence this year. I ask a few questions, but mostly, I let them quickly explain their own products, highlighting any new updates or features that separate them from their competitors.

I’ll be posting them one at a time over the next week or so, followed by the hard-at-play, Convergence 2012 party-montage.


P.S.—Convergence 2012 was loud…I’ll bring a mini-mic next year, I promise.

Vendor #1

Blue Moon is a great company with great people and excellent, reliable technical support. They also had high-grade carpet padding at their booth—essential for flat-footed potential clients.

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Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2012: Recap & Wrap-Up

Convergence 2012 was another great conference! Houston was windy and cloudy, but every now and then the clouds would dissipate and we’d get a little taste of Texas sunshine. The Expo looked great and even the food was good. All in all, this year’s list of highlights seems even longer than last year’s: I discovered some great new products (and several exciting updates for old ones) at the Expo; sat in on some very interesting seminars and panel discussions (and learned a few new tricks); and loved Colin Powell’s keynote address—it was the perfect send-off.

(And I haven’t even mentioned all the amazing parties.)

It was wonderful to catch up with everyone I hadn’t seen in a while, and really nice to connect a few faces to some of the new names and voices I’ve been working with recently.

This year I brought a video camera to Convergence—not to embarrass anybody, but to show-off a few vendors I work with and love, and even a few who, even though I don’t work with them (yet), really impressed me. I’ll be posting these short videos over the next week or so, and I hope you enjoy them.

I do have footage from a few parties, too—but nobody panic. It’s just a quick montage of a fantastic week. I’ll save that post for the end.

For now, I’ll let two experts I’ve followed for quite a while now introduce themselves:

I’m very pleased I had the opportunity to meet Mariano Gomez and David Musgrave last week. They are both incredibly knowledgeable GP gurus, and they also both consistently contribute to the virtual, worldwide conversations surrounding Dynamics GP. If you haven’t visited their blogs, you should. Checkout David’s at:  Developing for Dynamics GP and Mariano’s at: The Dynamics GP Blogster.

And stay tuned for some great videos!

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Management Reporter Install and Report Queue Status Issues

I wanted to share a link  that goes through all the install prerequisites for Management Reporter:

I also wanted to share a few common causes and easy fixes for a Report Queue Status issue.

THE ISSUE: After generating a report, the Report Queue Status window lists the Status as Queued rather than Processing, and the report never finishes.

THE CAUSES: There are five possible causes for this error (and, as noted below, five corresponding fixes).

  • Cause 1: If the Management Reporter Process Service is on the same machine as the machine hosting your SQL database, then the Process Service may have errored out by attempting to start before the SQL Server was accepting connections. See Fix 1.
  • Cause 2: An SQL Server connection error has occurred, and the Management Reporter Process Service needs to be restarted. See Fix 2.
  • Cause 3: The user running the Management Reporter Process Service does not have sufficient permissions to read from the SQL Server database. See Fix 3.
  • Cause 4: The SQL Service Broker on the Management Reporter SQL Server database is not enabled. See Fix 4.
  • Cause 5: This can also happen if the owner of the Management Reporter database is a Windows User, while the SQL Server Service is being run simultaneously by a local user. If you check the Event Viewer, you may see this message: An exception occurred while enqueueing a message in the target queue. Error 15404, State 19. Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user ‘domain\user’, error code 0x5. See Fix 5.


  • Fix 1: a) If you’re using Windows Server 2008 you can set the Set Process Server Service to “Automatic (Delayed Start)” rather than “Automatic.” ORb) Try restarting the Process Service manually or with a script similar to the following: NET STOP MRProcessService NET START MRProcessService
  • Fix 2: See Fix 1 (b)
  • Fix 3: Grant the user running this service the General User role under the Management Reporter database in SQL Server. This user can be found on the Log On tab under the Services Control panel.
  • Fix 4: Run the following statement on the SQL Server where your Management Reporter database resides: SELECT name, is_broker_enabled FROM sys.databases WHERE name = DB_NAME() AND is_broker_enabled = 1. This statement should return a row for the Management Reporter SQL Server database. If it does not, run the statement below to re-enable the SQL Service Broker on the Management Reporter SQL Server database: ALTER DATABASE [ManagementReporter] SET ENABLE_BROKER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE;
  • Fix 5: Change the database owner to “sa” or change the SQL Server Service user to a domain user.

Hope this helps.

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Using the Dynamics GP Copy Company Tool

Earlier this month, one of our clients sold his company, and the new owner needed us to move all of the accounts from the old company into his new company. The original company had been operational for over fifteen years, and naturally, had steadily accumulated a lot of accounts—over 35,000, actually. But the vast majority of them hadn’t been used in years. The ownership transition seemed like a great opportunity to do some account cleanup and make things a bit easier to navigate for the Account Manager.

We decided the best approach would be to write four different scripts: one for all the accounts; one for accounts that had never been used; another for accounts that hadn’t been used since 2008; and finally, one for accounts that had been used after 2008. Fortunately, Victoria Yudin’s wonderful blog made these scripts simple. We tweaked the base scripts we found here by adding a “group by” at the end of the script that included the date range we were looking for:

It turned out there were over 27,00 accounts still on the books that really didn’t need to be there. So once we were confident these queries produced the results we needed, we used the very handy Copy Company tool to setup the new company in GP. The Copy Company feature—free, and available with Microsoft GP 2010—turned a generally laborious process into a quick and easy transition with only minimal manual information importing.

Then, with the new company built, we wrote a query to delete all those excess accounts we found earlier. The result: a slimmer, more relevant, and more manageable list of accounts.

To read more, check out the “Recent News” section of our main website.

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Countdown to Microsoft Convergence 2012

Microsoft Convergence 2012 is in Houston, Texas, this year, and it’s only a couple of months away (March 18-21). Convergence—the ultimate customer-partner event—is a great opportunity to make new connections, discover how to maximize your Dynamics business solutions, and stay on top of new products and technologies (like GP “12”). If you still need a few more reasons to attend this year’s conference, check out Microsoft MVP Mariano Gomez’s article “Why you need to attend Microsoft Convergence—FYI…it has nothing to do with going on vacation!” (Although, MVP Mark Polino disagrees.)

SDN Computer Consultants will be there, and we hope some of our customers will join us, too. But if you can’t make the entire conference, hopefully you can swing by for GPUG DayONE 2012. It’s free and open to the entire Microsoft Dynamics GP community, whether or not you’re attending Convergence. DayONE is designed to provide a lucrative learning and networking environment for all types of Dynamics GP users. With interactive breakout sessions in learning tracks for BI/Reporting, Financials, HR/Payroll, IT/DBA, Strategic & General Topics, there will be valuable learning and networking opportunities for every GP user in your organization. Here are the details:

Event: GPUG DayONE 2012 Houston

Date: Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time: 1:30-6:00pm

Location: Hilton Americas (connected to the Houston Convention Center)

Cost: Free


You can learn more about GPUG DayONE 2012 by visiting the conference website at, or, for a complete overview of the event, just take a look at this fact sheet.  Again, DayONE is FREE and open to all Dynamics GP users, but be sure to sign up to reserve your seat!

And remember to let us know if you plan to attend so we can help you maximize your DayONE and Convergence 2012 experience.

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